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Institute of Biological Science was established in 1997 to offer graduate study program.  Department of Biotechnology was established in 2004 and coupled with the graduate program.  The enrollment of undergraduate students initiated in fall 2004.  The department aims at interdisplinary training of undergraduate and graduate students.  Currently there are 11 full time faculty members and 3 administrative assistants in the department.  Research interest mainly focused on the areas of plant biotechnology, biomedical technology, and environmental biotechnology.  Track record of research efforts can be seen in the strong publications of faculty members.  Major research funding of the deaprtment were from goverment agencies such as National Science Council, Commission of Agriculture, Environemntal Protection Administration, Department of Health, and private sectors.   Auunal research funding is about USD 700,000.  The department offers eleven research laboratories with state-of the-art instruments and facilities for advanced research and three teaching laboratories for undergraduate students training.         

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